QoS options

  • total_bytes_sec: the total allowed bandwidth for the guest per second
  • read_bytes_sec: sequential read limitation
  • write_bytes_sec: sequential write limitation
  • total_iops_sec: the total allowed IOPS for the guest per second
  • read_iops_sec: random read limitation
  • write_iops_sec: random write limitation

Test it

create the QoS in Cinder

$ cinder qos-create test-iops consumer="front-end" read_iops_sec=100 write_iops_sec=100

create a new volume type

$ cinder type-create test-iops

associate the volume type with the QoS

$ cinder qos-associate <uuid of qos> <uuid of volume type>

create a new volume with volume type

$ cinder create --display-name test-iops --volume-type test-iops 10

login you vm and test limit